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Safety Plan

Bus next to a safety sign

Public Transit Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) – Updated September 27, 2022

This Public Transit Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) was prepared to report GTran’s safety performance targets and strategies for minimizing the exposure of the public, personnel, and property to unsafe conditions.

To download a copy of the plan – Click Here.

Safety Management Policy Statement

City of Gardena GTrans will maintain an active Safety Management System (SMS) that encourages the
open sharing of information on all safety issues. We expect our employees to report their safety
concerns to agency management. No employee will be asked to compromise safety to “get the job

We will develop and embed a safety culture in all our activities that recognizes the importance and
value of effective safety management and acknowledges at all times that safety is paramount. Our
overall safety objective is to proactively manage safety hazards and their associated safety risk, with
the intent to eliminate unacceptable safety risk in our transit operations.

To that end, we will continuously examine our operations for hazards. We will establish a non-punitive
employee safety reporting program, train staff on safety management, document our findings and
safety risk mitigations, and strive for continuous improvement of our safety performance.

As required by the Federal Transit Administration, we have established annual safety performance
targets to help us measure the safety of our transit service. In addition, to address our overall safety
objective, we will conduct hazard identification workshops with all frontline, supervisory, and
management personnel during this calendar year. We will also work to increase the annual number of
voluntary reports received from employees and actively track our safety risk mitigations. To ensure we
meet this objective, our safety department will report out each quarter to our entire agency on the
number of:

  • Hazard identification workshops carried out in the quarter;
  • Number and type of hazard reports received per employee in the quarter versus the same
    quarter last year; and
  • Number and type of safety risk mitigations implementation in the quarter.
    Ultimate responsibility for safety at City of Gardena GTrans rests with the Accountable Executive.

Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each one of us – from executive
management to frontline employees. Each manager is responsible for implementing the SMS in their
area of responsibility and will be held accountable to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to perform
activities established as part of the SMS.

Our Promise to Our Customers

GTrans exists to move people by providing safe, reliable and outstanding public transportation to the communities we serve every day.

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